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Abandoned Cottage, Near Clifton-On-Teme, Worcester.

Unfotunately this place has been abandoned a long time (graffiti indicates 1911?) and there were no leftovers from occupation. The cupboard seen here was empy, and the floor was hidden beneath dirt.

The photo here shows what I assume would be a stove, so perhaps this room was a kitchen/dining room. THe only other room on the ground floor was pretty narrow and had long shelves attached and no source of heat, so perhaps was just for storage. This room may have also been used for living quarters.

The rural location of the pair of houses, in the middle of a field must mean that the house was for farm workers. The building has two almost identical separate dwellings, so perhaps farm workers rather than a land owner?

Out the back was an old iron water pump. Otherwise I cannot imagine that there would be any addtional utilities.



There are plenty of fantastic pictures of Porthleven in stormy weather, but on our visit there in October 2009, it a calm overcast day. There is however a nice harbour to explore, and a distinctive church right by the sea wall.

The picture here is looking out towards the sea from the harbour; however it is worth taking a look on Flickr for pictures of church (in the background on my shot) in the middle of a storm.  Portleven is a place I have made a note to visit one day when it is stormy.  The pub opposite the Church, the Ship Inn, has a terrace outside which could be the perfect place to wait around for the perfect conditions.

Porthleven is just a short drive out of Helston.


Porthleven Harbour

I have just published to my flickr site a new set: 36 Photos, 1 Film, 1 Day.

The Challenge: 36 photos of Worcester scenes in 1 day, using 1 roll of film.  The idea was to get out of the house and take shots of scenes I live in and around, but perhaps don’t take the tie to stop and look at.

Flickr Set: 36 Photos, 1 Film, 1 Day

I planned the locations in advance, then shot just one frame at each.

I have spent a week developing and scanning, the only planned post production has been the removal of dust and scratches (I had trouble loading the reel for the developing tank, and there was some damage which needed repairing). The only additional digital post processing was minor curves and/or levels adjustments.

All photos were taken on a OM1, with 50mm F1.8 lens. The film was an out of date Neopan 400, although I exposed this at pushed this at ISO 1000 to allow me to leave my tripod at home and handhold.  The pictures are grainier than I am happy with, I think if I try this again I will go for a finer film, that is in date and not push processed. Maybe cut down the volume of pictures to 24 so that I have more time….

By using a fixed focal length lens I had to think hard about composition andwalk around to find the best spot to shoot from. I think at some sites (Powick Electricity) I could have really done with taking my 28mm lens (I got wet feet trying to get a composition) or a longer lens (Southern Bypass, to bring out the Cathedral).

I would be interested in peoples opinion on this set, both as a concept and my actual results. I’d also be keen to hear what scenes people would keep in, add or remove from the set?

To accompany my set of 36, I have also created a gallery showing a similar 36 photos taken from the wider flickr community.  This is split into two galleries:  Gallery 1 and Gallery 2

Thanks for looking

The Elgar Statue, Cathedral Roundabout, Worcester