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50p Toy Panoramic Camera

Toy Panoramic Camera

At a car boot sale this morning I picked up a Halina Panorama-F 35mm Point and shoot.  Instead of actually shooting a wider than normal size shot on the film it actually shoots a standard width frame, but one that is shorter than on a standard 35mm camera.  It does however have wide field of view (24mm perhaps) and was good fun shooting a test roll during a bbq.

VickyThe camera is fixed focus, and claims to be sharp from 1m to infinity.  As you might expect from a plastic lens if is not exactly sharp, but plenty sharp enough to take interesting shots without thinking about aperture, iso and shutter speed.  The shutter speed is fixed, so the only user control variable is the, which can only be changed by switching film.  The instructions claim 400 is best, but 100 or 200 can be used in bright light.  I used HP5 400, which shoud give me plenty of room for error.  Only a few shots taken indoors without the flash where unusable

I find with panoramics, it usually makes a better picture if care is given in getting subects both close and further from the camera to help give the picture depth.  In this group shot, I positions a person closer to me on the side of the frame.  By doing this I find it draws the viewer into the picture, so that in this case they are part of the group eating marshmellows.

Finally, a portrait of my with my chicken taken byVicky.  After a BBQ and beers, the extra frame width is handy.



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Abandoned Cottage, Near Clifton-On-Teme, Worcester.

Unfotunately this place has been abandoned a long time (graffiti indicates 1911?) and there were no leftovers from occupation. The cupboard seen here was empy, and the floor was hidden beneath dirt.

The photo here shows what I assume would be a stove, so perhaps this room was a kitchen/dining room. THe only other room on the ground floor was pretty narrow and had long shelves attached and no source of heat, so perhaps was just for storage. This room may have also been used for living quarters.

The rural location of the pair of houses, in the middle of a field must mean that the house was for farm workers. The building has two almost identical separate dwellings, so perhaps farm workers rather than a land owner?

Out the back was an old iron water pump. Otherwise I cannot imagine that there would be any addtional utilities.

Carn Brea

I am currently sorting through the pictures taken from a weekend phototrip to West Cornwall.  While  I got lucky with the weather, at no time being held back by rain,  I did not get any great sunsets or really get up early enough for sunrises. It does seem kind of unlucky as the sunsets on the night we left home, and on the drive back were great.

The first site we visited was Carn Brea, which is a hill overlooking the town of Redruth.  On top of the hill are a number of intresting rock formations, a monument and a small castle, which appears to operate as a restaurant in the evenings.

While the view off the hill offers views out into St Ives Bay, it was cloudy when we visited and so pretty dull for big scale landscapes.  The castle however lent itself to a contrasty black and white photo.  The picture shown here is looking East to the castle.

I took this in colour, converted to Black and White in Lightroom making minor adjustments to the Greyscale mix.  In Photoshop I then made three curves adjustment layers, using masks to increas the contrast of the castle, darken and increased the contrast of the sky to add drama, and then brightened the rocks to help lad the eye into the frame towards the castle.

I think I’ll try andvisit the area again; it is only a couple of minutes drive from Redruth so will be handy for a future visit.  It will be interesting to take another look at the views towards St Ives to the North West, perhaps for a Summer Sunset, or a Sunrise behind the castle from  similar viewpoint to this shot.

Also in the area, at the bottom of the hill to the North are a selection of ruined buildings, perhaps from an old mining complex.  I have made a note to take a look, the old buildings would be ideal for exploring on an overcast day. 

 Carn Brea Castle, Redruth, Cornwall


Carn Brea, Redruth, OS GR 685487, Explorer 104