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For a brief history of the site please take a look at this website; I took a trip down after seeing some cool looking photography on the 28DL website.

For the full set of posters, please visit my flickr set .

At the front of the site is an imposing entrance hall, this building holds some administration rooms.  To the right is an intersting looking block, with a water tower and chimney. No doubt this holds a photogenic boiler or something, but sadly this building is well secured.

Visiting abandoned sites, I always worry about hw to get in.  Here, the doors were all locked, fortunately, other means of entry had been created.

Some notable rooms:

The Great Hall:

A ward staff room:

Another long hallway

For the full set of posters, please visit my flickr set .

Any comments on the photos, or if you have any experience of the Asylum; please share them below.

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Photography Podcasts

Following a recent discussion on Flickr, I’ve decided to share a few mini-reviews and links to my favourite photography podcasts I subscribe to in itunes.

In no particular order:

The Candid Frame by Ibarionex Perrello: Each month (ish) Ibarionex interviews a photographer and asked them about what has inspired and influenced their photography.  The photographers are not always interesting to me, but the podcast is well produced, Ibarionex has a great radio voice, and more often or not I get to the end of the show ready to pick up my camera and go shoot something, having been inspired in some way by the interview.

Itunes, Podcast Website

Tips From The Top Floor (TFTTF) by Chris Marquardt: Twice a week Chris releases a podcast which covers a variety of topics; although seems to mostly focus on technique. TFTTF is a lively, friendly short show, and has been a great source of guidance while learning photography.

Itunes, Podcast Website

This Week in Photography: This week in photography is a weekly (dur) show, which tends to focus on the latest products, and most weeks has an interview with a photographer.  If you are looking for new gear, it is worth a listen; and the interviews and sometimes fascinating.

Itunes, Podcast Website

The Art of Photography by Ted Forbes: Ted produces a monthly(ish) podcast, normally about photography techniques.  Each show is professionally produced, and like the title implies, focus’ on the art of photography, not the latest gear.  The shows are only short and each covers a single topic, so it is worth looking back into the archives and downloading a few that appeal.

Itunes, Podcast Website

The Art of Adventure Photography by Bruce Percy: Bruce is a landscape photographer from Scotland.  Each podcast (released monthly until March 2010) is a slideshow with commentary from Bruce.  Simple, but his photos are some of the best.

Itunes, Podcast Website

Other podcasts to try out:

Camera Dojo – Wedding focused, informative but not amazingly produced.

Digital Photography Life – Again, poorly produced, by sometimes covers interesting topics.

The Focus Ring – Infrequent show which features a round table discussion with hosts of other podcasts, including Ibarionex Perrello and Chris Marquardt.

Photofocus – Q&A Show; has some good tips but can be very basic and the show host clearly loves himself.

Do you have any other favourites?  Please share them below.

The Willis Cinderella Shoes business started 1n 1848,  and appears to have occupied this site since 1876.  In the 1960’s the business was taken over by Great Universal Stores (Gus), but the factory was closed in 1976 when Gus pulled out of shoe manufacture.

In a 1948 commercial brochure on Worcester, the business is noted as

“The Company is jealous of its reputation for the quality of its productions, being concerned only in the making of high class footwear, covering a compehensive range of Ladies’ Walking, Sports, and Hand Turned Shoes. Recreational facilities in the form of football, cricket, tennis and bowls are enjoyed in ideal surroudings. ……. The Sports Ground, which adjoins the Factory, being one of the finest in the country.”

Most of the factory has been pulled down, however the frontage and what I guess may have been offices remain,2 stories tall.

The most ineresting rooms was near the locked front door;  remains of a tiled wooden floor differentiates the room from the other, bare tiled remains, and the grand fireplace, now in pieces and tidily piled in a corner suggest this was a room of importance, maybe a room for meeting customers or senior management.

Leaving the factory, I walked across a wasteland 200m to the sports ground.  I remember winning my fist cup final here about 17 years ago, and watching a game of cricket on the same field.

A few miutesonline research highlights why the old Pavilion still stands;  I think that thegroud will need a good mow before a player like WG Grace or the Australian team will consider revisiting.  It is not possible to get inside the Pavilion, but outside there is the groundsman’s hut, full of paint and equipment needed to maintain the pitches; left like he walked out, forgetting to come back.

By the cricket pitch, almost lost in brambles, you can still see a scorers hut; it is tempting to go back with some chalk….

If you have any comments on the photos, or if you have any memories from the factory or sportground, please feel free to add them below.

Thanks for reading.