The Abandoned Road

While in Derbyshire I took a trip to Mam Tor.  While the weather was not good for shooting the landscape, it was perfect for exploring the abandoned road at the base of the hill, above the village of Castleton.  A slideshow of the photoset can be found here

Due to the white sky, I generally took a selection of exposures for later compositing in Photomatix.  To exploit the old, broken, empty and abandoned  feeling of the area, I felt I should match this with dark claustrophobic processing. The starting point for this was the Pin Hole preset in Silver Efex Pro.  I find this emphasises the feeling of decay.

There is about 300 metres of abandoned road that has been subject to significant subsidence due to the area’s geology.  On a good day it is probably possible to get good results combining the road with a view down the valley, but on my visit the wider view was largely obscurred by mist.