Towanroath Engine House, and Porth Chapel Beach

A short drive out of St Agnes on the North Coast is Chapel Porth beach.  It is possible to park in the small car park, although I understand that this might get full in the summer.  The Beach itself can be good for surfing (not while I have vsited though), but lookout for tide times as the tide will come right up to the car park.

Photographically, there are cliffs and caves to explore along the beach, but fr me the main attraction of the area is the Towan Roath engine house, at the Wheal Coates mine on the cliffs.

As with most of the spots I have visited in Cornwall, I would like to visit in better weather than I have to date.  I think a wide panorma, including the engine house, the cliff tops and round to the Godrevy lighthouse could work well, but the air would need to be very clear to prevent the cliffs being a foggy mess.  The Beach faces West, so is exposed to the Atantic, but should be better lit in the afternoon than in the morning.

Car Parking is free, both don on the beach, and on the cliff top by Wheal Coates.

More photos of the area can be found here